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Payment Methods


You have the option to securely pay using your debit or credit card that is secured by the Alpha Bank (the transaction does not take place on our website but in a special secure online environment of the Alpha Bank).



You have the capacity of paying for the purchase price in cash at the time of receiving your order at an extra cost of 2 Euros

Bank Deposit


You can fully pay for your order by depositing money into the following account (Beneficiary’s name: Aikaterini K. Kaisari O.E. / EPILOGES)


IBAN: GR5401405300530002320002827

Your transfer must include your given name & surname and your order number as a reason. After completing the transfer you must send it to info@e-epiloges.com

The given name & surname that you shall state on the Bank deposit slip must be the same as the given name & surname that you have stated in the electronic order form. Every order shall be executed after the confirmation of the money deposit. Your deposit may not be immediately “visible” in the notification that we receive from the Bank, in which case a slight delay is possible.

Money refund

Upon receipt and inspection of the product, the money shall be refunded within 10 working days. Specifically, in the cases of:

  • Cash on delivery: Bank deposit of the purchase amount into an account that shall be indicated to us by the purchaser via e-mail.
  • Debit or Credit card: Reversal of the amount into the card that was used for the purchase.
  • Bank deposit: Bank deposit of the purchase amount into an account that shall be indicated to us by the purchaser via e-mail.

The refund amount is the amount of value of the product without including the costs that the customer may have paid when shipping to him.

For refunds made by bank transfer, via & nbsp; & nbsp; web & nbsp; banking & nbsp; process from our account at the partner bank (Alpha Bank), our company bears only the bank charges borne by this bank. Any bank charges that will arise to the customer can not be known and therefore burden the customer.

* In case the name of the recipient (third party) is different from that of the buyer, refund is not possible. In this case it is only possible to exchange with another product of your choice, of equal or greater value. Return costs & amp; re-shipment are borne by the third party.

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